Thursday, March 12, 2009

Coco's Little Report on Target in Oahu, Hawaii

IMG_2035After much anticipation and waiting, my husband and I finally made a pilgrimage last Saturday to Honolulu (Saltlake)'s own Target!

To avoid the crowd, we got there right after the door opened at 8:00AM. I don't know how crowded the store gets, but I saw a few uniformed policemen outside the store - for crowd control, I guess?

As we entered the door, I was a bit overwhelmed by the hugeness of the store.
In fact, the store resides in the former site of Costco & it is the biggest Target store in the US.  

If you do not want to get lost, I recommend to get a map - or is it just me? 

The employees looked very happy & excited to be working there in this bad economy and I felt happy, too :).  

They were also wearing cute Aloha shirts.  I saw the same design on the reusable totes.  I think the totes are exclusively sold at the stores in Hawaii. 

The first thing I checked was the accessories department.

I had been eyeing for Anya Hindmarch bags since I saw them online.

To my huge disappointment (& to my husband's relief), they were nowhere to be seen... Does any of you know what happened to them?

I still liked their collection of handbags & hats, though. They are reasonably priced, but not cheapy-looking.

As it was reported in a local news, we found a lot of uniquely "Hawaii" products.

To list a few; 

Local Foods

Hawaiian Jewelries
Aloha Wears 
- Loved baby clothes with Hawaiian words on them!

Swim Suits (in winter...) 

Marine Sports Gears  

And Hawaiian-themed souveniors - I did not find anything particularly unique (because most of them are available at other stores) except SPAM!

IMG_2024We thought the store had an unusually wide selection of Spam-themed goods. I found T-shirts, caps, accessories, stationaries, etc.  

Oddly, I did not find actual Spam cans - but it turned out that they were on sale for $1.50 on an opening day and sold out....  

I knew that Spam is a popular food in Hawaii, but did not realized we are such a SPAM state until now...

Wanna know what's on sale this week at Target in Hawaii?  Clickhere

New to shopping (& couponing) at Target? Attention Target Shoppers is where I learned all the basics of Target shopping.

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