Saturday, February 14, 2009

Coco's Top Ten Reasons why I Ardently Adore My Husband


1.  He does not complain even if his lunch box is full of last night's leftovers. 

2.  He always makes me laugh. 

3.  He never holds grudges. 

4.  He buys me flowers a day after we quarrel. 

5.  He does not bad-mouth other people. 

6.  He completely ignores me when I am unreasonably pessimistic or irritated.  

7.  He is jealous of my computer (because I spend too much time on it). 

8.  He picks up Sunday Newspapers for me.  

9.  He is always honest (sometimes brutally - "That outfit looks HORRIBLE") with me. 

10.  He kisses me goodnight even after five years of marriage. 


Tyler Jones said...

This is really adorable. I liked what you had written. I think your husband can be my role model! :)

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