Thursday, March 5, 2009

First Friday Honolulu Gallery Walk

First Friday Honolulu Gallery Walk is FREE self-guided tour of galleries, surrounding shops & restaurants and the Hawaii State Art Museum in downtown Honolulu. 

Gallery Walk Guide Map
List of exhibitions
Galleries and other arts venues host monthly opening receptions (= free pupus (appetizers/snacks), perhaps??) to showcase their new exhibits.  The surrounding shops and restaurants are also open until 9:00pm or later.

My husband and I joined this event two months ago and had a lot of fun.  I normally do not prefer contemporary arts, but to my surprise, many of the exhibits were very inspirational and thought-provoking.  I have to warn you, however, some of the exhibits at the galleries may be considered unsuitable for children. Also we felt a bit awkward because we were one of a few very under-dressed people.

If you are thinking of taking your children to this fun event, I highly recommend an event at the State Hawaii Art Museum.  The museum hosts "Live from the Lawn," a FREE live entertainment that features local and around-the-world musicians and dancers. This month's theme is "Music and dance from Thailand, Vietnam, Laos, Indonesia, Java, Cambodia, Malaysia, and the Philippines." The event runs from 5:00pm to 9:00pm.

If weather holds tomorrow (I am so spoiled living in Hawaii, I simply do not go out when it rains :)), we are thinking of joining again. This time, we'll try to dress up.


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I really enjoy reading about the things that go on in your area. Although I am in Tennessee I do get some great mental images of the things you write about.

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