Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Cutting My Own Hair or Not - WFMW

It's been a year since I started cutting (not trimming, but actually cutting!) my own hair. To my surprise and amusement, it seems to be working for me.

Before I took such a drastic action, I was spending over $100 on my regular visit to my favorite hairstylist. As much as I felt that her fabulous work was worth more than $100, I just thought that $100 expense did not go well with our newly structured budget. Besides, I've been cutting my hubby's hair for almost a decade (ever before we started going out & I made him cry on my first attempt...). I figured if it works for him, why not for me?

When I first cut my own hair a year ago, everyone thought I finally went lolo ("crazy" in Hawaiian). Well, I admit my first attempt was not so pretty - I looked like wearing a helmet. But then, I discovered my secret weapon - hair clips & thinning scissors! Thanks to them, I think my hair now looks decent.

My problem is that I have a lot of hair - my hairstylist sometimes sighed over just the sheer amount of my hair. So in order to avoid looking like wearing a helmet, I need to thin my hair out (that doesn't sound somehow right...).

First, I divide my hair into 6 ~ 8 sections using hair clips. Then, I just start cutting (rather randomly) with thinning scissors each section little by little. I sometimes use a styling razor to shorten my hair to a desired length before thinning (see below).

To trim my bangs, I cut vertically (never horizontally) with a pair of regular scissors. Check out this great tutorial on How to Cut Your Own Bangs @ YouTube.

I don't think my method works for everyone. But there are a lot of great resources that provide tutorials and tips for cutting one's own hair.

* How to Cut Your Own Hair @ How to Do

* How to Cut Your Own Hair/Tips @ YouTube

* How to Cut Your Own Hair (Or Anyone Else's!): 15 haircuts with variations


Don't feel like cutting your own hair, but still want to save some serious money on your hair maintenance? How about getting haircut & other pampering services at beauty schools. Here are some of beauty schools in Hawaii that provide a wide range of hair styling & other cosmetology-related services.

* Hawaii Institute of Hair Design, Honolulu Downtown. Call 808-533-4326 for more information. They relocated recently, so also ask for a new address. Read a review @ Aloha Update

* Honolulu Community College, Honolulu (Near Costco). Call 808-845-9132 for more information.

I have never tried getting services at beauty schools. If you've ever done it, I really want to hear about your experiences.

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Together We Save said...

Pictures? I want pictures of this cut. I am inpressed and would love it if I could not only cut my own but my 3 girls. What a savings.

Coco said...

Sorry, but I have no pictures. I'm a bit shy...

People on You Tube Tutorials do much better work than me. Looks like you and your daughters have long hair - so much easier than cutting my current short-cut hair style. Would be so much fun taking turns among you and your daughters to cut each other's hair :)

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