Friday, March 27, 2009

Times Supermarket - Oahu, Hawaii: March 25-31

Photo Credit: sburke2478

I'm sorry for a late post. I've had flu-like symptoms since the beginning of this week - excruciating headache, body-ache, hoarse voice, runny nose, dizziness(?). Now, I am back to normal minus dizziness.

I am beginning to suspect that I may have had PMS... I realized that I have these symptoms at least 3-4 times a year at a certain time (right before ...). I did a little research and it seems that flu-like symptoms is one of PMS (PMDD?) symptoms. Could this be possible?

Sorry, I digressed...

This week's deals that caught my attention at Times Supermarket;

Haagen-Dazs Ice Cream
$4.00/2 w/ in-ad coupon
* The lowest price I've ever seen!!

Sun Burst Liquid laundry Detergent, 61 load
$11.00/2 w/ in-ad coupon

Pedigree Canned Dog Food
$7.00/10 w/ in-ad coupon

I asked my hubby (who was so excited about the ice cream deal & woke up early on Wednesday to get to the store before work) to also get Kale that was $1.99 (also a great deal) & a few things. To make a grocery list for him, I cut pictures out of an ad & now my ad is all over... So I have to apologize for such a short list.

I also spotted deals on Kotex Maxi/Tampons ($2.99) & Kotex Liners ($.99). I think I had coupons for them. But now I found out that I misplaced my coupon organizer somewhere in the midst of my battles against headache. I cannot find them & the constant drilling noise and shaking from the sewage construction at the back of our apartment is NOT AT ALL HELPING!!!

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