Thursday, February 19, 2009

Coco's Top Ten List of This Week's Blog Posts

1.  One Year Ago by at Shannon Rocks in My Dryer 
* A very poignant & moving post about a visit to HIV & AIDS Hospital in Uganda. 

2.  Frugalize Your Routine by Kerry at Almost Frugal 
* Find out a painless & easy way to save money. 

3. 13 Tips to Creat Great Ebay Picture by Heidi @ Little People Wealth 
* I found this post very helpful especially because I take horrible photos.  

4.  Homemade Breakfast Hot Pocket @ Money Saving Mom (Guest Post by Meal Planning Mommies)   
* Yum... 

5.  Freecycle by by Casey @ EcOnomical Mom 
* Fid out how freecycle can help you save money and earth. 

6.  Converting your Blog to 3 Columns by Jamie at I am a Money Magnet 
* Find out how you can make your blog from 2 columns to 3 columns.

7.  Green Cleaning, part 4: Soft Scrub Alternative by Katherine @ BeCentsAble 

8.  Walmart's Coupon Policy by Rachel @ Surviging the Stores
* Get your copy of Walmart's Coupon Policy. 

9.  Confessions: If One Coupon is Good, 10 Coupons are Better by Heidi @ Confessiona of a Coupon Queen  
* Many suggestions on ways to obtain Sunday Newspapers.  

10. Give Old Shoes New Life by Tri-State Saver @Tri-Sate Saver 


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