Thursday, February 26, 2009

Coco's Top Ten Free Magazine Subscriptions

I love magazines.  They are full of great information and wonderful inspiration.  I used to pay quite a lot of money subscribing and buying magazines (my favorites being "Instyle" & "Martha Stewart"), so I was pretty happy when I found out about free magazine subscription services.  

At first, I was very suspicious and did not really expect to receive magazines even when I actaully sent an application.  Then, I started receiving magazines in my mail box without any accompanying bills.  I was soooo ecstatic.  I am ashamed to admit it, but I was so excited that I even ordered some magazines (like "Yachting"- will I ever be able to afford a yacht??) I would never read otherwise.  

Here is a list of free magazine subscriptions available right now.  Personally, I cannot wait to receive "Body & Soul (I love all the magazines by Martha Stewart)," "Elle," & "Elle Decor."  

I still cannot decide whether I should subscribe to Maxim.  I have never read this magazine.  It is a guy's magazine, yeah?  Please let me know if anyone read this magazine and liked it?  

2.  Elle

3.  Elle Decor 

4.  Parents Magazine (Sign up for a new account at Startsampling) 

7.  Forbes 

8.  Latina 

9.  Maxim 

10.  Golf Digest 


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