Monday, March 16, 2009

So... What did I do Wrong?

photo credit: Nadya Peek

Dear Valued Readers;

First things, first, In my post of ""The Difference" by Jean Chatzky: Free Download...," I misspelled Oprah's name several times. I am sorry, Oprah. Overwhelmed by embarrassment and confusion, I completely destroyed the entry. If you came to my blog looking for the post, I am sorry, too... AND, please, please, please let me know (i.e., leave comments or e-mail me), if I misspell or use incorrect grammars - I am still learning English...

I also want to apologize for technical disaster my blog has encountered last weekend - It seems that the right side bar & bottom half of my blog suddenly disappeared in Internet Explorer last Friday. I did not realize this until later, because I use Google Chrome, but my blog mentor, Ginger @ Attention Target Shoppers kindly informed me - without her, I am completely lost in this blogosphere.

As I had no idea what happened, I started to reverse what I did to my blog since its launch.

The major alternations I made;

1. Turn 2 Columns into 3 Columns - using this formula @ Three Column Blogger

2. Changed Colors of the Title Background, using this HTML Color Code

3. Added Expand/Hide features by following instructions @ Hackosphere. Thank you, Ramani for a great instruction.

4. Added a Twitter button and Older Post Gadget - aren't they super cute?

So, I just erased them all by first reinstalling an original blogger template and manually erasing each gadget. Then, I looked at my blog using Internet Explorer - No change... My right side bar and bottom half were still gone.

I still wanted to have three-column blog, so I did some research & decided to use the afore-mentioned formula @ Three Column Blogger, incorporating the pixel dimensions @ Matthew James Taylor's Blog.

I also did not want to lose expand/hide features of my blog, because (1) I spent many hours searching for a perfect instruction & (2) I manually changed HTML codes of almost all of the older posts & I did not want to redo it again. So I re-changed the layout HTML codes. Then, I checked my blog via Internet Explorer. At this time, I was so exhausted (& my hubby was irritated w/ my sudden infatuation with a computer), I just called it a night.

Then, next morning, I checked my blog through Internet Explorer. To my delightful surprise, my bottom half was back, but the right side bar also appeared at the very bottom of the blog. At this time, I just decided to leave the matter to geniuses working at Blogger. This strategy seemed have worked & now things are back to normal. Thank you, Blogger Employees!

It appears that I could have done nothing and waited for my blog to get back to normal... So what caused all this mess? I still don't know.... Now, I am afraid (indeed very afraid) of doing anything to my blog....

Two lessons I learned from this experience - (1) DO NOT PRETEND TO BE A COMPUTER PERSON, WHEN YOU ARE NOT & (2) CREATE A TEST BLOG!!

Again, I am really sorry for the mess I think I may have created. If you by any chance know what caused my problem, please, please, please leave comments.

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Marcie said...

Dear Coco,

You have played in HTML code that I haven't tackled yet! You are far more brave than you think. When I wrote you, stuff was missing. When I reloaded, poof it was there and that is why I sent the second email. Some things are just never explainable.

You are learning English as a second language? OH GIRL! I would have never ever guessed that one. But like you, tell me if I have an error, typo or some sort of glitch. I wanna know even if it turns into a "hair on fire" event.

Have no fear, your blog is looking really nice and the best feeling of all is that you did it. I equate the first major blog event to the first time I crashed my computer. After I recovered everything and got set up again I felt like I had just manually created a child.

Remember, I loan you some brain cells and you loan me some. Deal!

All things ended on a happy note. Welcome back!


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